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OpenSimulator Released

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi folks.  Just a short note to say that OpenSimulator was released on Saturday.  This is a minor point release for the OpenSimulator 0.7 line, so it contains only bug fixes rather than features such as media on a prim (MOAP).  MOAP will arrive with OpenSim 0.7.1 which is still in development.  However, some grids are running versions of this software already.

A couple of highlights from the release notes.

  • Handle incoming ObjectImage (TextureEntry) updates synchronously rather than asynchronously. When you set a texture to all of a prim’s surfaces simultaneously, you should no longer occasionally see some surfaces fail to set.
  • Added textures to OpenSim’s standard asset library that are no longer shipped with newer viewers. Previously, in Viewer 2 and derivatives, vegetation was appearing grey since Viewer 2 had stopped shipping the appropriate textures.  With, OpenSim now supplies these textures from the server.
  • Put estate_settings.xml to rest. No more reads and writes on this file. All estate management now has to be done through the viewer.  I hear that there are some deficiencies with this approach – these should be resolved in subsequent releases of OpenSim.
  • Fixed bug in llGiveInventory() where items were disappearing on relog. Items given this way were appearing outside the user inventory (and disappearing on relog).  This regression has been around since OpenSim 0.6.9.  This release finally fixes it. (edit: Sorry, this is fixed in standalone and grid modes in OpenSim but not Hypergrid, which is what the Diva distribution is configured to use by default.  OpenSim 0.7.1 will fix this in Hypergrid as well).
  • Fixed behaviour of llSetPos and llGetLocalPos for attachments. Mantis 3923 holds more details on this.
  • Implemented UploadBakedTexture cap, supporting faster avatar bakes. This uploads avatar textures via HTTP rather than UDP.  In theory, this should make them more reliable.

There also appear to be some good fixes for Hypergrid 1.5.  I’m not yet following the patch by patch changes to Hypergrid 1.5 so I won’t comment further, but I know that Diva has been working hard on this.